Jaeho Shim

Jaeho Shim graduated Hallim high school of art and got his bachelor's degree in dance from Sejong University. He is a member of Tattmaroo Dance Company. He was exempted for the mandatory military service due to winning the first place in the 14th Seoul international dance competition in 2017. He is now working as an active choreographer and dancer.

photo provided by Jaeho Shim


심재호는 한림연예예술고등학교, 세종대학교 무용학과를 졸업하고 현재 툇마루 무용단소속이다. 2017년 제14회 서울 국제 무용 콩쿠르 에서 1등 상을 입상하여 병역특례를 받았으며 현재 안무가 및 무용수로서 활발하게 활동 중이다.

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